Ebonics Homework Assignment Good Phrases To Make Use Of In Advanced C2 Proficiency ECPE Exam Essays

How you can mind a university homework assignment

Increasingly more people are selecting to possess just one child.

The popularity nowadays is towards getting smaller sized families.

In the last 10 years approximately the press have custom service essay writing frequently transported reports of.

Recent research signifies that the amount of teenagers who smoke is growing.

Virtually no week passes without another report of. appearing in media.

This enhances the issue of whether.

Although many people would certainly agree that. couple of would deny that.

Stating your opinion

When I view it,

It appears in my experience that. I’d also state that.

I’m believing that.

I’m inclined to think that.

There’s without doubt i believe that.

Among the drawbacks of. is.

However, one benefit is the fact that.

Altering subject

In regards to the reasons with this.

In regards to the causes with this.

When it comes to causes.

Presenting arguments

One justification frequently given for. is the fact that.

Advocates/Proponents would declare that.

Individuals who resist. frequently reason that.

Another objection is the fact that.

However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that.

. are against. for the reason that.

From the purpose of look at.

Based on.

Describing causes

One factor that has brought to. is.

Among the factors that has introduced this about is.

The issue frequently comes from.

The problem continues to be exacerbated by.

. only has made the problem worse.

One results of. is.

Proposing steps and measures

In regards to the best reaction to this case, one suggestion is always to.

The initial step to become taken is always to.

To relieve the situation people should.

Additionally they need to.

To start to tackle this case society/individuals/the federal government need/s to.

. would likely improve the problem.

This could simply be worked with if.

To beat this issue.

Were the federal government to., the problem would doubtless improve.

Individuals can perform a good deal to.

The responsibility of responsiblity lies at the disposal of.

It’s very important that.

Legislation ought to be brought to control.

It might be a grave error when we.


Overall it appears in my experience that.

The apparent conclusion to become attracted is the fact that.

With that said.

On balance, I am inclined to think that.

The planet would surely be considered a better home in if.

If people stopped.ing, we’d have/ we’re able to expect to some.

The prospects for future years is going to be bleak/harsh unless of course.


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